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  • New Hampshire Document Shredding: How Secure is Your Shredding Service?
    Answer: Anyone can claim that they have secure shredding service. How do you really know that your documents and client’s personal information is handled safely and in ...
  • Residential Shredding: What documents should I shred?
    Answer: Documents your should shred A strong paper shredding program can help you and your company comply with the various State and Federal Laws. Massachusetts Privacy laws mandate that you ...
  • Residential Shredding: Can You Shred my Documents that are in storage?
    Answer: Yes. We can. We know that you need to cut storage cost, purge the old documents safely and securly. Our Off-site shredding is ideal for large ...
  • Document Shredding: What should I shred
    Answer: What documents should I shred? In short, destroy all sensitive information including junk mail and paperwork that includes: Account numbers Birth dates Passwords and PINs Signatures Social Security numbers To protect your ...
  • Residential Shredding: Should I ship my documents for shredding?
    Answer: We think that shipping your documents for shredding is very risky and that you should never lose custody of your valuable documents. When you ship ...

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