Do you destroy Hard Drives


Your Hard Drive is full of Confidential information, it has become a target for identity theft. When Business and Charity organizations upgrade their computers, they often forget to destroy the data on the hard drives. This can be a high exposure risk to both company and its clients.


Some programs erase the data, some just delete the files and directories on the drive and the actual data remains. Simply by using other available software, the information can be restored, giving someone access to confidential information believed to be destroyed. This leaves organizations vulnerable to lawsuits and being on wrong side of the law. If you are run a medical business keep in mind that HIPAA regulations require the shredding of all discarded medical documents including CDs and DVDs. You might also look at industrial shredders (high security) that retain the inner hub serial number so you can verify destruction of the media. If you use a service to destroy the data make sure they provide you an audit report, a certificate of destruction, and waiver of liability.


You should know that Erasing your hard drive doesn’t mean the data is purged. Our Hard drive destruction is proven to be the only 100% secure way to destroy data from hard drivespermanently. That means physically shredding your hard drive and disposing of it within the correct recycling streams.

Regulatory compliances such as HIPAA not only apply to hard copy records. They also apply to any media, such as CD’s, DVD’s, backup tape and hard drives, that may contain confidential information. For this reason alone, your records management retention schedule should not only take paper documents into account but should also include media such as desktop, back up tapes etc…

Like hard copy paper records, media that contains confidential client information should be securely destroyed using the proper method. Our Hard drive destruction is the only completely secure way to destroy the data. Our media destruction services ensure that your media is destroyed using the appropriate procedures.

Our media destruction services eliminate the risk that your data will be stolen and protects your company from compliance violations. Once your media is destroyed, you will be given a Notarized Certificate of Destruction.


Acceptable Media:

Acceptable Media for our destruction service:

  • Hard Drives: PC and Mac.
  • Backup Magnetic Tapes.
  • Floppy Disk.
  • Zip Disks and peripheral Drives.
  • Optical CDs, DVD Media.

For More information, call us at 978.636.0301 or Drop off your material at:

Neighborhood Parcel

1215 Main St

Tewksbury, MA 01876


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