Can I watch My Media be shredded?

Your Hard Drive is one example of media destruction target, it is full of Confidential information, it has become a target for identity theft. When Business and Charity organizations upgrade their computers, they often forget to destroy the data on the hard drives. This can be a high exposure risk to both company and its clients.

We understand your concerns, you to witness the shredding of your media at our office. We do offer a Notarized Certificate of destruction that proves that the shredding was completed in a secure matter. The shredding is witnessed by a Massachusetts Notary Public who will sign and seal your certificate of destruction. 

CDs and Diskettes can be shredded in our Witnessed Shredding service plan, you can drop-off the media at the Tewksbury MA location and watch it being shredded in front of you. Please call (978)636-0301 to arrange for an appointment or visit our website here

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