How To Shred Medical Records Safely?

Looking to shred personal medical files, X-rays and purge old billing documents? You or your patients may not know it, but medical insurance and patient identity fraud is growing to epidemic proportions in the U.S. No other industry requires more specialized care of its business records than a private medical practice. With the enactment of HIPAA regulations and Massachusetts Privacy Law your medical practice faces more patient data scrutiny than ever before.

Neighborhood Parcel is the leading Boston-operated authority in secure medical record destruction. We are Boston's most successful medical practices and legal firms rely on us to manage the entire shredding and media destruction of their documents.

Medical Shredding Service

We are the only resource you need for all the records in your practice. Give your patients absolute peace of mind with complete patient record care services from Neighborhood Parcel. Call us today to handle all your patient and medical files destruction service: (978)636-0301 Or Request  a free quote here

All our Document Security Officers and our facilities are highly-trained and certified in HIPAA compliance regulations. Neighborhood Parcel is also accredited by the Boston North Business Association (BNBA).

In order for medical professionals In New Hampshire and Massachusetts to come into compliance with HIPAA rules governing document destruction, they must do two things:

  1. First, they must exert due diligence in choosing a reliable vendor for the disposal of PHI by shredding.
  2. They must also give written permission to the vendor to remove PHI for the sole purpose of disposal by shredding. This written permission is referred to as a "Business Associates Agreement." BSI would be in violation of certain provisions of HIPAA if we did not receive written permission from our clients in the medical profession to possess such information for the sole purpose of shredding.

BSI has simplified the due diligence aspect by supplying the name and phone number of our insurance claims representative. Our representative will verify that BSI has never had an employee dishonesty claim or any suit filed against us for any wrongdoing on our part whatsoever.


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