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  • Document Shredding: How Much is your shredding cost?
    Answer: Drop Off Shredding Service Rates If you can drop off your material at our Tewksbury MA office, you will save even more! We have the lowest Paper ...
  • Residential Shredding: Can You Shred On-Site?
    Answer: Sorry, we offer a low cost Off-site shredding service that is just as secure as on-site shredding. Our Industrial shredding plant allows us to shred ...
  • Residential Shredding: Do I need to Remove Staples?
    Answer:   NO, we make document shredding simple! No need to remove the paper clips or hanging folders, our industrial shredding equipment does all the work, they are ...
  • Residential Shredding: How Do I Know My Documents Got Shredded
    Answer: We conduct all hredding services at end of day, your documents are securely kept in locked facility with minimum access, it is shredded within 24-48Hrs ...
  • Residential Shredding: Is your service HIPAA Compliant?
    Answer: Yes. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) is a United States federal law that requires health care organizations to “maintain reasonable and ...
  • Document Shredding: How Can I Contact You?
    Answer: Locate Our Shredding Service Company Contacting us and speaking with a live person is easy, you can call us seven days a week at (978) 636-0301 or ...
  • Residential Shredding: Do you shred residential and home office documents?
    Answer: Sure, the ideal solution for you depends on the amount of material that you need shredded. Many of our customers prefer the drop off option ...
  • Residential Shredding: Can I Schedule My Shredding Job for Saturday or Sunday?
    Answer: YES. Blame, Hanson! He does not know how to say NO.  We work the regular Monday to Friday from 6 AM to 8 PM, our weekend work ...
  • Medical Records: Do You shred Medical records?
    Answer: Yes. We shred medical Records and patient files: Did you know that medical records are one of the primary targets for identity thieves? Thieves can steal your ...
  • Residential Shredding: Can you come to my house for shredding?
    Answer: Yes. We can! We love to help area residents with all their shredding jobs, we may even land you a hand to get them off ...

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