Can You Shred On-Site?

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2014-08-10 16:20

Sorry, we offer a low cost Off-site shredding service that is just as secure as on-site shredding. Our Industrial shredding plant allows us to shred high volume of documents and material within a short time. This high volume production allows us to offer customers the lowest prices in area.

Off Site Shredding

Our Off Site shredding Plant is secure and complimented with a Notarized Certificate of Destruction that is HIPAA and FACTA compliant. In addition to having AAA+ Certification by third party.

secure_shreddingSecurity: Our Document Shredding service is secure, we take your material security very seriously. Our employees undergo rigorous training program that meets and exceeds all Government and HIPAA Requirements. Our Shredding plant and office have limited access and all employees are background screened.


Affordability: This is the most affordable shredding service in Metro Boston, Lowell MA, Worcester, Framingham, Quincy and Southern New Hampshire areas. But don’t take our word for it, call the other guys first and try to get a straight answer and guaranteed quote from them. They will first try to lure you in with low rates just to bill for a long list of hidden fees, from fuel surcharges, environmental fees, per minute rates and other hidden fees. Our Shredding Rates are simple and we are proud to list them online.


residential_shreddingResidential Service: We can help you keep your private documents away from the wrong hands, we will gladly stop by your house at your convenient time, we work seven days a week and after hours. We can help you clear the clutter in your attic, home office or garage. We have some of the lowest rates for residential shredding service.


shredding-payment-cardSecure Payment: For your convenience, we are now accepting all major credit cards, company checks, PayPal and company invoicing is also available for qualified businesses. To pay for your shredding service by credit card, simply complete the Credit Card Authorization and fax it back to 978-851-0531.


certificate-destructionFree Document Destruction Certificate: Upon job completion, we will mail you a Notarized Certificate of Destruction for your records and audit trails. This legal document is your proof that the shredding job is complete and all your materials got shredded in accordance with our terms and Privacy laws.


contact_mydocumentshreddingOnline Reservation: Contacting is and making your reservation is very simple, you can simply complete the online reservation form or call us within office hours at (978) 636-0301. We can schedule service usually within 24 Hrs, we confirm your reservation via email within minutes of submission.


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