Should I burn my old documents?

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2016-02-03 14:20

burn my documents

Burning Your Documents Will Leave You In Hot Seat

You will get burned by throwing your old documents in the wood stove and yard pit! But burning your documents is free you said? Here are five reasons you should never attempt or consider burning your old records in lieu of shredding

1- Avoid the mess:

Burning your old medical and financial records is proven to be messy and your neighbors will notice the spoke and paper dust on their clothing and in the air, in addition to the fire hazard. Some towns require a permit from the fire department to start a fire outdoors.

2- Custody Challenge:

Once you burn your documents, you will have no proof that the documents were properly handled or recycled appropriately. Your seat in front of the IRS auditor will be hot and uncomfortable. When asked to show a record or documents to support your claim, convincing a government officer that the document is not available because you burned it may not stick!

3- Environment Concerns:

Burning your documents is free but there is a hidden cost in CO2 emissions and the fact that the paper is not recycled and wasted in Carbon Monoxide

4- Wasted Time:

I am sure that you have better things to do with your time than to sit in front of the pit covered in smoke and soot. The Paper usually won't burn all the way and requires that you flip the stacks and secure the area so nothing gets airborne. 

Burning old documents is free but it is really free if you consider your time, environmental impact and lack of chain of custody? Do the right thing, hire a shredding professional to handle your documents, it is a small price to pay for your peace of minde.



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