How to Shred a Lot of Paper

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2014-08-11 18:45

Purge old documents

Hi, I have cummulated a lot of documents and paper boxes in my storage and want to free up my storage and may be close it to save on storage. How do I remove and recycle these boxes without violating HIPAA?


Shredding documents is a concern for large companies, small businesses and area residents. Shredding paper helps prevent identity theft and other fraudulent activity while protecting client financial and medical records. If you hire a shredding company, it should be licensed, bonded and insured. This ensures you're dealing with a professional outfit that will properly destroy your sensitive material in compliance with State and Federal laws.
Depending on th evolume of material, you better of using one of these two shredding service plans:

Drop-Off Service

Drop off shredding service is fast and convenient way to dispose of these vulnerable and confidential documents that are commonplace in almost every business. If you are in a time crunch need documents destroyed immediately, this is by far the best method to use.  Open during convenient hours and immediately available when you need it, drop off shredding service is the best way for your documents to go.

Off-site Shredding

Off-site document shredding service is convenient because every customer is unique, and our trained document shredding specialists will offer suggestions as to what shredding service best fits your needs. We offer pick up service for clients who would like to save employee time and money from internal office paper shredding. We also offer a one-time paper shredding service also known as a “purge service“. This is designed for clients who wish to destroy documents that have accumulated over a period of time. With every service, we provide a certificate of destruction. It is your legal audit trail that shows that you are in complete compliance with all State and Federal Privacy Laws.

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