Do You Recycle Paper?

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2014-08-12 03:08

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We are certified and proud GREEN Company, everything we do is built around being environmentaly friendly. We recycle 100% of the documents we collect including cardboard. 

Recycling is what we do

When it comes to recycling, we do it with pride:

  • We recycle 100% of the paper and cardbaord we collect.
  • We utilize efficient routing system to minimize our Transportation Carbon footprint.
  • We utilize electronic billing to reduce waste.
  • We utilize recycled paper for all our office document consumption.

Is all paper recycled the same way?

Yes and no. Paper consists of fibers. The longer the fiber, the more valuable the paper is during the recycling process. As paper is recycled over and over, the fibers become shorter and must be downcycled into tissue or toilet paper. While these materials are still valuable, they aren’t as valuable as strong, white office paper with long fibers.

The EPA identifies five basic paper grade categories: Old corrugated containers, mixed paper, old newspapers, high grade deinked paper and pulp substitutes. All of these paper grades are recycled in a similar manner (mixing with water to form a slurry), but each has its own ideal end-use. For example, old newspaper is usually used to make tissue or recycled-content newsprint, while high grade paper is reprocessed into products like printing and writing papers.

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