Where can I Drop off my documents to be shredded?

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2022-10-04 03:21

Our drop-off location is secure and designed to keep your material safe and secure until shredded. Under lock and key 24/7 with more security features:

  1. Closed circuit cameras recording 24/7
  2. Limited access to your material.
  3. Vetted Employees with clean background checks.
  4. Daily shredding service.
  5. HIPAA Compliant.
  6. NAID-certified shredding plant.
  7. Off-loading assistance.
  8. Drop-off receipt through a rigid chain of custody process.
  9. Certificate of destruction.

We have a convenient location to drop off your material:

Neighborhood Parcel
1215 Main St
Tewksbury MA 01876
Tel (978)636-0301
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