How do you destroy CDs and DVD's?

Media Destruction Cambridge Newton MA

How do you destroy CDs, DVD's and Media?

We offer secure shredding and destruction of CDs and DVDs. The material is shredded or Incenerated.

All Media such as CDs DVDs and Hard Drive must be kept separate from the rest of material to be shredded. We prefer keeping the material in a box and marked "Media" because we handle media destruction through a separate stream.

Acceptable Media:

Acceptable Media for our destruction service:

(*) Hard Drives: PC and Mac.
(*) Backup Magnetic Tapes.
(*) Floppy Disk.
(*) Zip Disks and peripheral Drives.
(*) Optical CDs, DVD Media.


To get started please visit our Media Destruction service, or call (978)636-0301


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