Can You Shred my Documents that are in storage?

Yes. We can.

We know that you need to cut storage cost, purge the old documents safely and securly. Our Off-site shredding is ideal for large annual purges of old archives. Our service will allow you to remove the old documents from storage and destroy them in compliance with HIPAA, SOX and FACTA.


We can meet you at the storage facility and remove the old documents, dust and mildew are not a deterant, we are not afarid of getting dirty. Our Purge service is available seven days a week and after hours. Large purge jobs may qualify for volume discounts.


Call us today for more information on our document purge service: (978) 636-0301


How Much is your shredding cost?

Where can I Drop off my documents to be shredded?

How Can I Contact You?

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