Why should I shred My records?

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Why Shred Personal Documents

Every business small or large and household has confidential documents that they collect daily. The day to day functions of any business will produce a large amount of information that could be used against the business by it’s competitors. This list includes; Internal Memos, Drafts of Documents, Quotes, Financial Printouts, Meeting Notes, Employee Records, Pay Stubs, etc...

Over $100 billion a year is lost to information thieves! Did you know that there is NO LAW against Dumpster Diving. After your business has disposed of it’s documents, it has no claim to it’s privacy. Unfortunately, one of the weaknesses of any business is disgruntled employees. Countless new businesses are started by customer lists from an existing business. An easily implemented security plan is the only way to ensure that an upset employee will not make a mistake that they and/or your business could regret for a long time.


It’s the Law!

Our MA government is getting involved with protecting individuals from information misuse. This is putting the burden on businesses and private individuals to protect the documents and information they are charged with. For more on Latest MA privacy Laws. Violations of such law can cost as much as $5000.00 per incident!


HIPAA Regulations

In 1996, Congress enacted theHealth Insurance Portability and Accountability Act . Any business that is responsible for keeping any medical records or transferring medical information must be familiar with this law. HIPAA is a serious and violations can be costly


When you pay an employee to shred documents what is done with the waste? Most likely it is put into the trash. We recycle all of our waste materials and recycle 100% of it.

Did you know that for every 1 ton of paper recycled:

  • 7000 gallons of water are saved
  • Between 17 and 31 trees are saved
  • 4000 KWh of electricity is saved
  • 60 pounds of air borne pollutants are not expelled

 Prevent Identity Theft

Identity theft is now the fastest growing crime in the country. Most identity theft is done through simple means of collecting papers thrown in the trash. Simple strip shredders do not prevent criminals from obtaining the information they need to steal your identity.




Where can I Drop off my documents to be shredded?

How Much is your shredding cost?

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