Where can I take my papers to be shredded in Massachusetts?

drop-off shredding company


I need a paper shredding company that will let me take my papers there NOT COME TO ME!!!!! I need one  close to Brookline MA or In Boston Area 02128.

Neighborhood Parcel offers a great and convenient Drop-off shredding service for area residents like you for the Boston Area at their Tewksbury MA office.  Drop off you documents at our convenient location in Tewksbury MA and save $$! There are many situations when MA, NH businesses, and area residents may need immediate document destruction“yesterday.”  Sometimes, due to high work volume and deadlines, office cleanup may not be managed perfectly or, perhaps a deadline for disposing documents has to be pushed forward because of a move or an inspection. Whatever the reason, drop off document shredding service is your best and most common sense means to an end.

Drop Off Shredding Service meets the needs of homeowners and the self-employed.  It has become commonplace to shred your unnecessary bank statements, invoices, utility bills and miscellaneous private information including Electronics and Media. These sensitive documents are often thrown in the garbage or the recycle bin. This is risky, potentially dangerous behavior.


Drop Off Location:

Neighborhood Parcel
1215 Main St
Tewksbury, MA 01876
Tel 978.636.0301


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