Should I ship my documents for shredding?

We think that shipping your documents for shredding is very risky and that you should never lose custody of your valuable documents. When you ship your documents for shredding, you will have no assurance that your material will be handled appropriately to safeguard the data. From the point of pick up to shredding there will be additional handling and multiple hands in the jar sort of speak, so who do you go after in case of a breach? Your mailman? The third party contractor who loaded the trailer? the delivery driver or the hundreds of employees in the sort facility?

Three Reasons To Never Ship Your Documents For Shredding

1- Security:

You will have no chain of custody to ensure that your material is handled securily and that all parties involved are screened and trained to meet HIPAA requirements. From the minute your release your valuable documents to the shipping carrier, like FedEx or the Post Office, you will hav eno control of what happens in between! No mater how much security tape or fancy packaging you may use, breaches can and will happen, so why take the risk? Hipaa fines $1,000 per violation, with an annual maximum of $100,000 for repeat violations.

2- Cost:

Shredding your personal documents is not cheap to start, why increase it by adding shipping and packaging charges? An average box of 30 Lbs going from Massachusetts to New York will add at least $14 in postage fees in addition to the cost of packaging! 


Do you have the additional time to load boxes, print shiping labels, wait for the driver to pick up? Cross your fingers and pry that your box reaches its destination safely?

Shipping my personal documents if you ask me is a disaster waiting to happen, I will never trust the Post Office or any shipping carrier with documents bearing my social security, my bank account and my tax returns.

The bottom lines that is a growing number of companies trying to lure clients to mail their documents to save a dime, Neighborhood Parcel will NEVER offer such service because it simply does not meet our security standards. There are other ways to cut cost but cutting corners with sensitive documents is like playing Russian roulette.

Dont play Russian Roulette with your sensitive documents, call our professional staff at (978)636-0301 and let us handle your shredding service today.

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