• Do you have a limit on volume of documents to Purge?
    NO. There is no Limit nor minimums! When it comes to purging your office documents, we have the right shredding service plan for your budget.    Office ...
  • Do you shred Xrays and Medical Records?
    Yes, we shred Medical Records and Xrays Medical records are eligible for destruction in a minimum of seven years from the anniversary of the last date ...
  • Do you destroy Hard Drives
    YES. Your Hard Drive is full of Confidential information, it has become a target for identity theft. When Business and Charity organizations upgrade their computers, they ...
  • Do I need an appointment?
    Do I need an appointment to drop off my documents? No Appointment needed to drop-off your documents and media for shredding but we prefer a heads ...
  • Do I need to Remove Staples?
      NO, we make document shredding simple! No need to remove the paper clips or hanging folders, our industrial shredding equipment does all the work, they are ...
  • Do You Recycle Paper?
      We are certified and proud GREEN Company, everything we do is built around being environmentaly friendly. We recycle 100% of the documents we collect including ...
  • Do You offer discounts to Non Profit Organizations?
      Discount Shredding Service We know that when it comes to doing more with less, you are the champion! Non profit groups are usually a vital key ...
  • Do you shred residential and home office documents?
    Sure, the ideal solution for you depends on the amount of material that you need shredded. Many of our customers prefer the drop off option ...
  • Do we have to remove staples, paper clips and binder clips before shredding?
    NO need to remove staples and paper clips prior to shredding service and here is why: Our industrial Plant is equipped with a heavy-duty shredder that ...
  • Do you screen your employees?
    Yes. We hire only the highest level of integrity for all employees. Our employees are screened, bonded, uniformed and easily identified with an ID Badge. Drivers ...
  • Do you offer one time shredding purge?
    Yes. we do! This scheduled or one time shredding service is designed for clients who regularly generate sensitive documents that need to be destroyed securely. For ...
  • Do You shred Medical records?
    Yes. We shred medical Records and patient files: Did you know that medical records are one of the primary targets for identity thieves? Thieves can steal your ...
  • Do You Recycle Old office Paper?
    Yes. We offer 100% Recycling of all your shredded paper. We are a green company and proud to recycle! Your office papers are never sold ...

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